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  • Half-sarees since its major come back have carved their way knot every fashionista’s heart. Be it for a glamorous party look, or a simple and chic festival look, half-saree is the apt choice for any occasion.

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  • Zipker.com brings an exclusive range of half saree designs for girls and women who want to add a new style and look to their ethnic collection. Half sarees are a less complicated and more variant version of the traditional saree, which also give a combined look of a lehenga and a saree. The best feature about this saree is that they do not require manual dexterity such as pleating and the length of this saree is shorter compared to the traditional saree.
  • At Zipker, half sarees are available in different types of materials and color combinations including silk, chiffon, and crepe, among others. We also sell half saree online that has a zari work, different types of colorful prints and various stone embedded looks to make it wearable even during special occasions such as weddings, parties, and other festivals and events. .
  • Considering that these sarees are usually demanded in contrasting colors, we have added a variety of some of the most interesting and intriguing color combinations to give your attire a distinctly playful look. Numerous sarees available at our e-store also come in a dual tone shade to help you add color to your attire. .
  • Buy half sarees online to choose from a myriad collection of designs and colors. Also half-sarees online is sold in half the prices as compared to the retailers in the plush malls and branded showrooms. Pair these sarees with beautiful earrings, high heels, and a matching clutch purse to complete the look. Browse our website to find half saree online. If you are looking for a particular combination or style, let us know by sending an e-mail to [email protected]



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Dazzle the Diva in You with Half and Half Sarees

  • Half and half sarees are among the popular variations of the ethnic sarees because of the comfort and class they bring with them. No matter whether you are an introvert who likes to remain calm at a party and observe, or someone who likes to be a life of the party and connect with all the guests, there is no denying the fact that if you are attending a special, you would prefer to look stunning while feeling comfortable at the same time. The best feature of half and sarees, apart from a stunning design, is the comfort and ease of draping and carrying them.

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  • You may wear these sarees at a casual party at home, at a grand wedding ceremony, festive events, and even at office parties. Regardless of whether you are a guest or the host of the party, you are sure to shine bright when you invest in these beautiful pieces of design.

  • At Zipker, we believe that fashion and clothes should change with changing trends, and that is why, we make sure to update every section of our website. If you are planning for a half sarees online shopping, we made it easy to help you find a large collection. Our sarees don't just look elegant, they are also a great mix of traditional and contemporary styles that is sure to leave others in admiration of your fashion quotient. Our team selects each piece with through consideration and makes sure to check it for color, cut, and quality so that you can get value for money. We also have a bunch of fashionistas and style enthusiasts in our team who make sure that we are offering everything that latest and in demand.

Designer Collection

  • Our exclusive collection of designer wear makes it even more special because you get to select some unique designs created exclusively by some of the most creative minds in the fashion industry. Our collection includes different types of designer pieces for our customers so that they can select according to their style and budget. Apart from that, we also provide exclusive products for all the seasons so that you can be comfortable throughout the year, regardless of when and where your event is taking place.

The Style and The Class

  • This type of Indian saree is extremely unique and traditional at the same time. It has two separate segments, which make it unique including the pallu and the patli or the lower drape. The interesting part is that these sarees may look extremely similar to a regular traditional India saree but in fact is completely different all together at the lower drape and the pallu. The best feature of these sarees is that you will never be out of style because they are in so much demand that the designers experiment a lot with their design patterns, style, color, embroidery, and other techniques to make them unique. The conventional styles may include fabrics such as net, chiffon, and georgette, whereas fabrics such as jute jacquard with brocade can be worn during special occasions because they are slightly heavier in look and design.

Half Sarees Online Shopping at Zipker

  • Whether there is an occasion that requires you to get half sarees or you are planning to add a unique attire to your wardrobe, you can get a great deal along with us. A fashion chain such as Zipker is unique because we are not limited by a single type of fashion and clothes that have a very low shelf life. Instead, we make sure that our clients get everything that is latest and stylish. To provide you a complete shopping experience, we also make sure to sell accessories, footwear, and beautiful jewelry pieces so that you can create a complete look. Apart from half sarees, our collection of traditional ethnic wear also includes lehenga sarees, designer lehenga, traditional sarees, and various western dresses, among others.

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  • The team at Zipker makes sure that our customers get the best of everything. Our service, the quality of the products, and quick shipping. Therefore, we pay attention to all the demands and questions of our customers through our customer support staff dedicated exclusively to attend your questions, queries, and concerns. NO matter what the occasion is, if you are unable to find the color, cut, or style that you are looking to buy, please feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will respond to you within 24 - 48 hours.


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