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  • Create a look that is as stunning as a contemporary design but never fails to provide a traditional Indian feel. The beauty, shine, and shimmer of Banarasi georgette saree can only be appreciated by a true fashion lover.

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  • The stunning sarees are known to provide comfort and elegance at the same time. In fact, due to the femininity of Banarasi sarees, these are also popular among various Bollywood actresses and singers. From the everlasting beauty like Rekha to the stunning Vidhya Balan, these sarees managed to attract attention from the who’s who of the industry.
  • If you are planning to buy Banarasi silk sarees online, is your go to destination. If you are looking for quality designs, variety of colors, and a vast collection, make sure to browse our website. The excellent material, regal blouses and prints, and some of the finest concepts make these sarees a must have for every wardrobe.
  • Select a variety of Banarasi silk sarees, bollywood designer sarees with us to instantly make heads turn with your stunning attire. Our easy shipping and returns policy makes it convenient for you to place an order from the comfort of your home, while still getting value for money.



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Marvelously Crafted Banarasi Silk Sarees for Women

  • They say that our first impressions are made even before we open our mouths to start a conversation. Hence, to make an impact, it is important for all of us to look presentable. No matter whether you are attending an office party, a festival, or an engagement or a wedding, to make an unforgettable first impression, it is a smart idea for you to invest in the beauty and charm of remarkable Banarasi sarees for women. If you are someone who believes that whatever we wear makes a significant difference in our mood and comfort, you will be pleased to wear this 6-yards of sheer elegance.

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  • These sarees are popular among some of the finest movie actoress of all time including Rekha, Vidhya Balan, and Shreya Saran, among others. In fact, these are also worn by numerous characters in the movies, an example of which is, Bajiroa Mastani. If carried with confidence and kept properly, these sarees will last you a long time and will look as beautiful and new even when you wear them after a few years.

  • The popularity of this saree is such that even the Bollywood celebs are often seen wearing these beautiful pieces of sheer elegance in the movies as well as a Bollywood themed party. There is no denying the fact that sarees are among the most popular Indian ethnic attires around the world. From ancient days, sarees are considered to be an ultimate attire that is not just graceful but also enhances the natural look and beauty of the wearer.

  • Among a large plethora of sarees available at Zipker, Banarasi sarees are the most popular and among elegant pieces that are a sheer combination of grace, elegance, charm, and sophistication. These sarees are definitely an epitome of some of the finest characters of Indian traditional wear. Sophisticated design, great fabric, and beautiful zari and silver work, make these sarees a one of a kind investment for your wardrobe. All our customers have mentioned that whenever they have purchased a Banarasi saree with us, they have cherished their purchase.

Know Your Banarasi

  • As the name suggests, these sarees are from the popular city of Banaras in Uttar Pradesh. Initially, during the 14th century, these sarees were introduced by the Mughals; however, when the Gujarati silk moved towards Banaras during the 16th century, it became even more popular. These sarees are also culturally rich and provide a mysterious and stunning aura of class, elegance, and sophistication to the wearer. In the past, these sarees were so popular among women of stature that these were woven using silver and gold threads and were known by the royalty. If you choose to buy Banarasi silk saree online at Zipker, you can bring home the royal look and class at a price that fits your pocket. A large number of experienced craftsmen and women are involved in creating these sarees and these are sometimes handwoven by 12-15 lakh people altogether.


  • - The uniqueness of these sarees is that these are constructed from more than 5, 600 threads and wires, which takes 50 -60 days for a saree to be completed. This duration may differ with the design on the saree.

  • - These sarees are extremely versatile and can be worn during numerous ceremonies including festivals, weddings, engagements, and even office parties. You may select a saree according to different occasions.

  • - There is a large variety of these sarees available, which may range from light to heavy according to your preference. At Zipker, we have all varieties of sarees so that our customers can get exactly what they are looking to buy.

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  • Zipker is a blend of many things including some of the finest Banarasi sarees you could ever find. Apart from great quality products, we are also known to provide quality customer service and that is why a large variety of our customers come from word of mouth publicity. Apart from our shipping options and numerous secure online payment options, we also provide a return option for our customers so that they can get value for their money even when they decide to change their mood or looking for a replacement option such as a different color or a design.

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