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  • Nothing beats the confidence, charisma, and the appeal of a well-dressed beautiful woman. While the former three qualities can’t be purchased, Zipker helps you find a perfect attire for a confident woman like you to look stunning and feel comfortable at the same time. Our large collection includes some of the best dresses for women in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes so that there is a match for all our female customers.

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  • Browse our website to choose from a large variety of our designer dresses for women. We can provide quick shipping, delivery, and easy return options to make your shopping experience quick and flawless. You may select from a maxi dress, a gown, a one-piece dress, Indo-western gowns, and many more designer and non-designer items. Zipker also has a range of various accessories and footwear so that you can create a complete look

  • If you are looking for dresses for women and want a large variety of stunning looking stylish pieces, Zipker is a perfect place to shop. We don’t just provide quality products, but are also recognized for our great customer service, which has made us one of the most liked website on social media websites such as Facebook. Finding a perfect one-piece dress is a smooth ride on our website; however, if you are unable to find what you are looking to buy, please feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.



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- 58 Items

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Do the ‘Dress’ Thing in Style

  • Fashion is not just about looking good! It is about being comfortable big time! If you wear something in which you are utterly uncomfortable, please be assured that at bet you would look wannabe and at worst you would look clumsy. So please choose carefully and do not follow others!

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This Season Be More Fashionable With the One Piece Dresses

  • Having said that it can be opined that one piece dresses are fashion wears that has been in the market since forever! These are apparels that can fit any age group and can give a rather feminine look and feel for the person who is wearing them. It can be further said that one piece dress for girls is a fashion wear that can come with a large number of variations.

  • These variations could be in the form of their cuts, shapes, designs. Fabrics, fittings, fall, well the list could be pretty endless especially if different aspects are combined and blended with each other. In this context, we at bring you an exhaustive array of lines of one piece dress for girls.

Why Choose

  • At we bring you a large array of such dresses that will offer you an unbelievable variety of prints, colors and designs that will make them suitable for daily usage or for party purpose wearing. All that is required is that you must be clear in your mind regarding your requirements. Spoiler alert regarding shopping with us will be that unless you are sure of the exact requirement you have you could end up being confused and overwhelmed given the unbelievable array of choices that we could offer you.

  • So hey, all you pretty shopper out there this season ditch your regular jeans, long skirts, tops and ethnic wear for the beautiful one-piece dresses party wear! With us, at you can get dresses of various lengths. So whether you want more somber numbers of knee-length or shorter dresses that could flaunt your shapely legs, Zipker is the best place where you can come for an alluring variety.

  • We at offer you styles and designs that have been collected from the best designers and their specimen from the various parts of the world. we assure you quality at reasonable price. is an online site that promises you quality every time you make a purchase with us. This is one of the best ways through which we not only look forward to maintaining our clientele but also enhance it with the passing phase of time.

  • is an online shopping site that understands the problems of young girls who are looking for extra large sizes. Think of the depression and the frustration you feel when you see that your best-loved design is out of its largest size! Well no more, at we will assure you that you can find your size, whether extra small or extra large for each and every item that we offer.

  • In terms of the stitches and the buttons please be rest assured of the best quality being forwarded for your perusal. Even then in case, there is a problem with the fitting or the fall, please follow our return policy rules and regulations carefully so that you can get the best value for your money spent with us. We will be only too glad to take back things that are not suitable for your use.

  • At we understand that technology is an aspect that must help you in your experience with us. So our sites have been so designed that you can navigate through the site and can make the purchases with ease and simplicity. The idea here is to enjoy your shopping experience with us and not test your technical skills!

  • All that you need to do is to log into the shopping site of and then provide your search criteria and get an unbelievable collection of one piece dresses party wear. You can also edit and streamline your search on the basis of the clothes that have been recently added to the collection and also the price brackets.

Be the New Style Diva

  • This season is more stylish with the one-piece dresses from Experiment the more you like and the more you want with us, this season. Wear these dresses as dresses alone or team them up with your jeans, palazzos or even leggings. This is the best way through which you can create different looks and can be a style diva every time.

  • At we assure you a completely different and stylish experience of shopping with us. Go through our collection and then decide on the item that will best fit your requirement. This is how you can get items that are the most fashionable and yet again will be the most suitable as per your body and skin type.

  • The fabrics used for each of the items are also much different and suited for the climate conditions. So decide on the clothes as per the weather of your city. Get those alluring cotton ones for a cool and breezy feel and also go for the bold colors and cuts to raise the temperature of the parties you attend.


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