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Make a style statement by buying a heart shaped pendant. A pendant is a great and subtle way to style your outfit, look classy, and add grace to your overall appeal.

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At Zipker.com. We have a collection of elite pendants that come with a golden or silver plated chains. You may select from pendant sets, a duck shaped pendant, a flower shaped pendant. Fashionable purse style pendant, a key pendant, and feather pendant, among others.

Choose our eCommerce marketplace to select from a wide spectrum of patterns and pendant deigns and get everything delivered to your doorstep. We have multiple payment options and a secure gateway to make your online shopping experience easy and safe. We give you thousands of options that you will not find anywhere else at such competitive prices.

Pendants offered on our website can be worn on different occasions such as work, everyday wear, parties, festivals, and various other events. Make Zipker.com your online shopping destination for pendants and designer anklets to add beauty to your collection.

Let us know if you are facing any issues while selecting a particular item or just need assistance while shopping. You may contact our customer care department by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


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  • Every girl and woman has a penchant of adorning herself with the simple details even if she is all by herself. Letting you feel good about yourself is one of the key quirks to let self-appreciation sink in. Everyone likes to admire herself in front of the mirror, all the struggles they have been through, the stories they carry with them and irreplaceable individuality they ooze. To highlight your idiosyncrasies, at Zipker we include all the latest and personalized pendants that work singularly to make the women feel good and confident.

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  • Considered as a subtle way to make your outfit dictate grace and sophistication, we have all kinds of pendants for different ladies, so that either of you does not feel that you were left out. From heart-shaped pendants to bird shaped pendants, the elaborate and exquisite artwork on each of them is alluring enough to persuade you into buying. In case you are a loving husband or boyfriend who wants to cheer your partner up, then the heart-shaped pendants are just the jewelry you are looking for.

Our exclusive gifting sets

  • What is the best thing to gift your wife if you are recently married? That’s right, it is a pendant. An even better idea would be to gift her a pendant set to cover for the entire look in the event you and she are attending. Let her get compliments while you bask in the joy of selecting the set from Zipker. Since we guarantee 100% authenticity of all our products, there is not a single pendant set that would come short of its reliability.

  • There are peacock shaped pendant sets in different colors that come with a free chain. The sets are plated with gold and rhodium for added protection. Are you confused over what to gift your female colleague on her birthday? No worries, these pendant sets do a great job of bringing a smile to every woman’s face. From your mother to your sister, appropriate for all occasions and age, these pendant sets are so adaptable that they could literally pull off any look.

Gold pendants for the classy women

  • Gold pendants are a staple for all Indian women and look amazing with traditional saree looks. When attending a wedding party, anniversary or even your own birthday, match one of the stunning gold pendants from our website to compliment your ethnic outfit. Mothers are fond of gold pendants, therefore, making this jewelry the ideal Mother’s Day gift.

  • We mostly cater for pendants that support an antique yet regal look with the gold plated pendants. There are some studded with American diamonds while others are plain gold work designed with excellent artisanship. The gold pendants for women on our website are launched by reputed brands like Rejewel; hence, do not fret over the originality of the make.

Stunning silver pendants at cheap prices

  • We focus on providing an affordable price range for all our pendants listed on the website so that neither of you feel that the rates are not doing it for you. It is genuinely hard to find such exquisite pendant works at as cheap rates as these. Zipker understands how tiresome and frustrating it could be to hop from shop to shop searching for that single pendant that appeals to you the most. Even the store staffs get annoyed with the detailed description you give them. Regardless of what typical choices you have, when it comes to silver pendants, we have an array of products with differently designed pendants that come with chains.

  • We have plain separate silver and gold pendants as well as silver and gold combined pendants. The metal is alloy, hence, you have to be careful to keep them away from water and other harmful chemicals. The gold pendants for women with golden chains are one of the most popular products for gifting purposes.

Why should you choose Zipker for buying pendants?

  • We are aware of the variety of websites scattered all over the internet that serve similar purposes. While some might prove to deliver sturdy service, others fall short of customer satisfaction. It is hard to find one website with all the positive qualities combined. Therefore, the Zipker team focuses mainly on customer service and the quality of the products it delivers.

  • The wide collection of our pendants is apt for both eastern and western looks. We even have models that blend in perfectly with plain jeans and top, while the more traditional ones go best with Anarkali dress, lehengas and bollywood sarees.

Zipker’s team has several qualities you do not want to miss!

  • We at Zipker have professionals and experts who are here to guide and assist you with every step of your shopping experience. The pendant sets included here are hard to find on the internet and are extremely rare in retails. Thus, we aim to deliver our service with:

  • Hassle-free buying experience
  • Delivery on time
  • Lucrative deals and price offers
  • Customer-friendly shopping site
  • Valid return/exchange policies
  • Quick and safe payment options
  • Answering customers’ concerning questions
  • A wide collection of premium quality products
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