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A well matched accessory can make all the difference in your overall look and attire. Bangles are popular ornaments among women who like to keep things stylish.

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Irrespective of whether you want a heavy bangle for a particular event, simple bangle for regular wear, or modern bangle to go with jeans or a dress, has all sorts of exclusive designer bangles to meet the needs of women of different tastes and styles.

Fashion trends change frequently and so are the designs of designers. Our wedding jewellery online collection includes everything from simple silver plated bangles to designer gold plated bracelet and more. If you are looking for a traditional bangle with a modern work on it, you won’t be disappointed with us. At Zipker, you are sure to have an amazing shopping experience and get jewellery pieces that are in vogue. We also give you an opportunity to shop for traditional Indian glass bangles.

Buy bangles online at Zipker to get a large variety of deals and exclusive collection without compromising on quality and designs. Our quick shipping, numerous payment options, and easy returns make us the first choice of fashion enthusiasts in India.

Looking to buy bangles online but unable to find a desired design? Let us know by sending your requirements at [email protected] and our customer support team will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.



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Beautiful bangles for the beautiful you

  • Bangles are part of traditional Indian jewelry. They are usually worn in pairs by women, one or more on each arm. Most Indian women prefer wearing either gold or glass bangles or combination of both. Inexpensive bangles made from plastic are slowly replacing those made by glass, but the ones made of glass are still preferred at traditional occasions such as marriages and on festivals. The designs range from simple to intricate handmade designs, often studded with precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, gems, and pearls.

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Designer bangles to pair with your every outfit

  • Sets of expensive bangles made of gold and silver make a jingling sound. The imitation jewelry tends to make a tinny sound when jingled. There are two basic types of bangles: a solid cylinder type; and a split, cylindrical spring opening/closing type. The primary distinguishing factor between these is the material used to make the bangles. This may vary from anything from glass to jade to metal to lac and even rubber or plastic. One factor that adds to the price of the bangles is the artifacts or the work done further on the metal. This includes embroidery or small glass pieces or paintings or even small hangings that are attached to the bangles.

  • The rareness of a color and its unique value also increase the value. Bangles made from lac are one of the oldest types and among the most brittle. Lac is a resinous material, secreted by insects, which is collected and molded in hot kilns to make these bangles. Among the recent kinds are rubber bangles, worn more like a wristband by youngsters, and plastic ones which add a trendy look. Normally, a bangle worn by people around the world is simply an inflexible piece of jewelry worn around the wrist. However, in many cultures, especially in the South Asia, bangles have evolved into various types in which different ones are used on different occasions.

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  • Shop the way you like only at Zipker and get the best bangles

    • Bangles have always been an inseparable part of Indian culture. No wonder, bangles feature in so many of our film as well as folk songs. Let us take a look at what makes bangles such a special part of the Indian culture, especially for weddings. Bangles are traditionally a part of the solah shringar of Indian brides. It is mandatory for newlywed brides and would-be-brides to wear bangles made of glass, gold or other metals as they signify the long life of the husband. They signify good fortune and prosperity.

    • Traditionally breaking of the bridal glass or lac bangles is considered inauspicious. Bangles, over time, have become much trendier to suit a more contemporary look, but they are still as significant as they were millennia ago. Bangles with geometric designs give them a funky look, however, for traditional ceremonies only circular glass or metal bangles are preferred. People in different states of the country call them by different names. But, they have equal importance in Indian wedding tradition, notwithstanding the geographical boundaries. Every region has a separate set of rituals that are associated with bangles. Would-be-brides wear the smallest possible bangles with the help of oil. This signifies that her married life would be full of love and affection.

    Bangles come from different regions for your likeness

    • In the southern states, gold is considered extremely auspicious. In some communities, the brides wear green colored glass bangles along with the gold ones, since green signifies fertility and prosperity. In Bengal, a new bride wears a conch shell bangle and a red coral bangle, which is locally called shakha and pola. Apart from this, the mother-in-law gifts her daughter-in-law a gold plated iron bangle the moment she enters her new household.

    Buy bangles from us and you will adore them for a long time

    • In the Indian culture, different colored bangles traditionally signify different things. Red signifies energy and prosperity, while green denotes good luck and fertility. Yellow bangles are meant for happiness, white is for new beginnings and orange is for success. Silver bangles denote strength and gold bangles are the ultimate symbol of fortune and prosperity.

    • For Indian women, bangles are not just mere ornaments. Indian women love their bangles. It is a tradition to wear bangles after marriage for the sake of health, luck, and prosperity. Bangles are more than accessories for Indian women. They are a part of their identity. They make women and if you want you can always look for the best from Zipker and it will be a value for money deal for you. Moreover, you get quick and safe home delivery which means your bangles will be delivered to you in proper condition and you can get it exchanged if they are faulty.


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