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For a woman who likes to create her know music and dance to her own tunes, an anklets are perfect fit. For centuries, traditional anklets also popular as payals are a trend among women of all ages.

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It is one accessory that has changed a lot in the past few years, yet is loved and desired by women of all ages around the world. At, our large collection includes traditional bridal anklets, simple fashion anklets for work and home wear, beautiful diamond anklets, and elegant silver anklets, among others. Our range of artificial fashion anklets also give a boho chic look, if paired with a dress, skirt, or a pair of jeans.

If you are planning to buy anklets online and get value for money, this is the place to be. Our exceptional quality, quick customer service, and hand-picked products are sure to help you flaunt your style. Change the look of an attire by adding a beautiful anklet. Indulge in anklets online shopping and select from a simple or detailed piece of designer jewellery.

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Stunning Anklet Collection Now Available at Zipker at Awesome Prices

  • It does not matter whether you are a dancing queen or not, anklets are a delight on their own and look stunning in every woman’s ankles. However, the tradition calls for dancers to wear these as has been relevant in our culture for hundreds of years.

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  • Although not worn for solely dance purposes, these anklets have undergone contemporary evolution and have emerged with stunning designs of their own. Zipker evidently acknowledges the beauty of women and the adornments it craves for to make the allure stand out.

  • Traditional anklets like golden ghunghroo come in a mixture of studded stones and pearls with attached ghunghroo all along the length.

We have a sensational collection of pearl anklets to rev up your traditional wear

  • From kundan pearl anklets to pearl anklets studded with multi-colored stones, we avail you of almost all trending anklet designs at extremely cheap rates. The pearl anklets would serve as excellent bridal anklets and for women who are attending a wedding ceremony. Let your feet chime to the rhythm of your gait as you make a show-stopping entry into your ceremony. The exclusive pearl anklets give a lightness to your feet.

  • Zipker also features double-lined pearl anklets with attached ghunghroo as well as single pearly whites for those who like to keep their style simple. We have anklets for both heavy traditional and casual purposes; hence, the pearls could even be worn with western looks as we have included all kinds of styles.

Designer anklets are a staple for traditional purposes

  • Women often rule out the wearing of anklets on traditional purposes as more and more modernity is hitting the style generation. However, there is nothing more modish than fashion anklets showing off from below the lehenga as you indulge yourself in a dance routine. Wedding ceremonies, Diwali, Dandiya, and other such festivities, are known to include a group or solo dance periods that are taken up by several women. Hence, why not commend the celebration with designer anklets chiming with your movement.

  • The gold anklets with crystal decorations are available in a variety of colors and designs on our website. You could browse different price ranges for your kind of anklets as we have the price filter option to narrow down your search. People are often in the dilemma whether to trust the studded stones to not fall off in the middle of a wearing period. Reputed brands and designers that ensure they make and long-lasting guarantee manufacture our genuine products.

Who said you could not wear anklets with western wear?

  • For those who are a little ahead of the fashion statements would agree with the question as today’s generation has designed anklets for solely western purposes as well. Fashion anklets with a single lined stones, pearls or simply a chain has triumphantly enhanced western looks such as those of long skirts, jeans and even mini dresses.

  • Have a look at the foreign countries and convince yourself how they adore the idea of wearing anklets with dresses and casual western attires. What started as a dancing tradition evolved into a style staple for many people. Our designer anklets include the following eye-grabbing features:

  • Adjustable Chains
  • Studded With Crystals
  • Studded With Pearls And Stones
  • The Material is Alloy
  • Traditional Anklets With Ghungroo
  • Kundan Styled Anklets
  • Get quality bargain for a stunning collection at Zipker

    • Our team believes that everyone deserves a chance of adorning herself with chiming ghunghroo. Numerous websites display phenomenal collections at non-affordable prices. We understand it is disheartening to be lured by those ornaments only to realize they are too costly to put on.

    • This is why at Zipker, you would find exclusive and amazing price deals and offers just for you so that you do not feel that online websites are out of your league. You are bound to get better bargains as compared to other websites while browsing the different studded anklet collections. We categorize our stock into party wear, fashion anklets, traditional ones and even anklets for casual purposes. What you would not find on other websites is guaranteed to show itself here as we have prepared the entire buying procedure following the terms of customer satisfaction.

    At Zipker, we value quality over quantity

    • Although there are other websites that display nearly endless anklets but definitively fall short when the authenticity of such products are to be vouched for. Either the anklets are delivered wrongly or a poorer version of what you had been shown comes to you. We ensure that nothing of this sort happens here. There is an end to our collection for sure (it is more than enough for a person), however, reputed designer companies and brands who spend a significant amount of hours in developing each of them vouch the quality of the anklets. You should witness the utter artistry on each of them, as the makers are thorough and patient with their creations.

    • Since Zipker does a background check on all the brands we showcase on your website, you could kick back and relax on the service you are about to experience. Never fret over the quality of products we bring to you.


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