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Flaunt your Inner Diva During Navratri This Season

  • Navratri is not a festival but a tradition in every household. Everyone likes to look good during Navratri and be the eye candy of the occasion. Navratri is a beautiful way to celebrate the beauty of your inner Durga. It is a great time to dance your best self and dress-up in style during the nine-day celebration.

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    • Selecting a perfect traditional gujarati chaniya choli is a significant part of this festival as it defines the essence of the history and stories associated with it.

    • At, we provide a large collection of navratri dresses online that include a wide range of designer sarees, long anarkali suits , lehenga, and colorful Indian chaniya choli for garba. Our quick shipping and delivery options will help you get a hassle-free experience. Apart from that, you will also benefit from easy returns, multiple payment options, and a secure gateway.

    • Search to choose from a large variety of gujarati chaniya choli in different fabrics including bhagalpuri, cotton, nylon, net, and georgette, among others. We also make sure to play with different colours, designs, and styles so that our customers get an exclusive outfit.

    • Spoil yourself with a large selection of some of the finest chaniya choli, lehenga and blend in the charm and festivities of this colorful and fun festival. If you are in search of a particular design, style, or type of dresses for this navratri season then zipker is the huge online portal with the largest collection of traditional and ethnic wear boasts of cutting-edge quality. Designed to drape you with exclusives, Zipker has a wide range of chaniya choli for navratri 2017 at the most reasonable price. Let us know by sending an e-mail to and we will be quick to respond.



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Zipker Offers Chaniya Choli for Magnificent Nine-days Festival of Navratri

  • Navratri is a tradition as well as a festival of effervescent ‘nine nights' mainly celebrated in the western part of India in the most enthusiastic and colorful manner. Navratri is one of the most alluring ways to celebrate the charm of your inner Durga. The nine-day celebration of Navratri is the best time when you can dress-up in style and dance your best self.

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  • Needless to mention, Navratri is a festival of vivacious ‘nine nights’ that is celebrated in the most colorful manner in the western part of India. When it comes to Navratri celebration, a colorful lehenga is certainly the best outfit to be worn by the young girls as well as middle aged women.

  • When it's about Navratri celebration, everyone wants to look traditional and stunning and be the attention-catcher of the occasion. Navratri is a traditional occasion, it's necessary to be dressed in a traditional manner.

  • For young girls as well as middle-aged women, a colorful lehenga choli can be the finest outfit to be worn on occasions like Navratri. A chaniya choli isn't simply a chunk of clothing but also an epic tale of skillfulness or an outfit that is tempting enough to bring out the feminism of Indian ladies.

  • The beautiful Navratri collection offered by Zipker is bound to make your celebration of fun and glamour unforgettable. We have brought a whole lot of bright hues in our Navratri collection. Since Navratri is the major festival of the western part of India such as Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan, Chaniya choli and designer sarees are the most preferred outfit of women. A chaniya choli is not just a piece of clothing; it is an epic tale of versatility or an outfit which is seductive enough to bring out the feminism of Indian women. offers a huge collection of Navratri dresses that is simply irresistible. We understand that this is the most awaited festival that brings unlimited happiness to everyone and we leave no stone unturned to make it memorable for one and all. The Navratri specific collection available with is a perfect fusion of traditional concept of chaniya choli and modern designs. The most notable characteristic of our Navratri collection is vibrant colors.

    Chaniya choli worn in the typical Gujarati style and pallu at the front make a woman look eye-catching and just perfect for Navratri celebration. Navratri lehenga not only looks amazing, but also these are helpful for moving during Garba or Dandiya dance. A nicely designed Navratri outfit with astounding embellishments can make you stand out in the crowd.

    This lehenga choli is a three - piece attire consisted of the lehenga, choli, and dupatta.


  • This is mainly, in the form of a long skirt which is pleated and embroidered and is worn as the bottom part of the lehenga choli. It is secured at the waist leaving the lower back and waist bare. This can be of various designs and patterns.


  • A choli is a waist-bare shirt usually worn with the Indian Saris. It is stick tightly to the body with the sleeves short and the neck low. The choli is generally cropped, permitting exposure of the navel.


    The dupatta is a shawl like a scarf worn with the ghagra and choli. It is also an element of the salwar kameez costume. Since the medieval times, the common style of wearing the dupatta was to pleat it at one end and then tuck it in the front of the ghagra and wrap it around the midriff and over the shoulder.

    Thus, lehenga choli is one of the most popular female apparel worn during Navratri celebrations. This comes in different styles, different fabrics, and different patterns. The various types of lehenga cholis are as follows:

A Line Lehenga

    This lehenga has the regular A-line hem which forms a perfect A. The lehenga is narrow at the waist and spreads out to the bottom. The number of pleats is quite less in this type of lehenga.

Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga

    This lehenga pattern is the imitation of the mermaids. It looks like a fishtail and is tight at the waist and the hips and spread out from the forelegs just like a fishtail.

Half Saree Lehenga

    This is a sari type lehenga, which gives a complete sari look but is actually free from the hassle of tying one. The main charm of these dresses lies in the way of tying the dupatta with the lehenga.

Paneled Lehenga

    In this dress, the horizontal panels are attached to the spread out the portion of the lehenga. The volume of the lehenga increases Due to the flares of pleats. Colorful designs are used in this type of lehenga.

Lehenga With Jacket

    Lehenga with a jacket is in trend now. The lehenga is kept simple while the jacket being embroidered. The jacket gives an elegant look to the lehenga. This gives a very subtle and decent look to the person.

  • Thus, to make you this Navratri, the most memorable one, ZIPKER presents you the best collection of chaniya cholis for Navratri which includes various Lehenga Cholis for Garba, Lehenga Saris for the Pujas, Long Anarkali Suits for young girls and much more. This festive season, Zipker presents to you the fusion of traditional concept and modern designs by offering you the collection of vibrant colored chaniya cholis.

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    This festive season, to look your best in every function, go online with and choose the best suited chaniya choli for Navratri from the huge variety of Gujarati chaniya cholis coming in several fabrics including net, georgette, Bhagalpur silk, cotton and much more. We keep no stone unturned to play with different colors, styles, and designs so that our customers get the best outfit of their choice and expectation.

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