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  • Want to stand out during the festival of colors? Celebrate Holi with colorful dresses designed keeping the essence of the colorful festival in mind.

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  • At Zipker.com, we believe that every festival should have a special dress and our store is the best place to shop for a perfect attire that signifies the spirit of Holi and its colors. With us, you may shop for accessories, clothes, clutches, buy gifts, and all other essentials needed to create an incredible look.

  • Our talented team brings you an exceptional collection of ethnic dresses to make this festival more pleasant for you and your dear ones. Select from plain white salwar suit, colorful cotton suits, sarees, kurti and accessories such as necklace and jewelry sets.

  • Browse our website to get exactly what you are looking to buy when it comes to Holi outfits. Our large variety of products in which include suits, sarees, lehenga choli will help you select a perfect piece according to your style and overall preferences. We have some of the finest pieces from designers from all over India to provide exclusivity to our customers.

  • Looking for a particular product or Holi dress that you are unable to find at Zipker, or have a question about one of our products? Please feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected]



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Most Stunning Holi Outfits to Rev up the Festival

  • It’s painful to see your stunning dresses and sarees to get smeared and soaked in colors and water only to get discarded later. Thus, what most of you do on this very special Indian occasion is pick sloppy and rejected clothes to remain on the safe side. But that’s a way of disgracing our beloved Holi.

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  • Zipker presents ethnic white clothes with contemporary twists and styles that should definitely rev you up for the colors all around. We have prepared several traditional Holi clothing ideas to help you establish fashion even with the monotones. Don’t worry, our Holi outfit list is as interesting and stunning as the celebration itself and you shall find all of them on our shopping website.

1. Run around with colors wearing an amazing lehenga choli

  • At Zipker you’d find endless lehenga cholis for Holi and there’s no doubt that you’d be starry-eyed witnessing every single one of them. The lehengas are available in several clothing materials from American crepe to silk Bangalori. The patterns and colors voice only the choicest and trendiest designs. Though not the most preferred Holi outfit, lehenga cholis are gradually receiving more demand as one of the prime Holi outfits. Don’t get duped by the length of the dress, this outfit is sure to turn heads and that’s exactly why it’s on our list.

2. Wear an elegant silk saree

  • Let’s be honest, silk is way more preferred to cotton, hence why not ditch the cotton ethnicity for this once? At Zipker we pride ourselves for including modern and unconventional outfit ideas to help you deal with the occasions and festivities better. An amazing embroidery on raw silk saree should keep your mood and energy elevated throughout the entire colorful session. Buy Holi dresses online from Zipker and choose from the many silk sarees that we offer in vibrant and dull colors. However, choose faded colors or white; we are sure you’d want the Abeer to be prominent.

3. Get comfortable in Patiala suit

  • There’s nothing more playful and frivolous traditionally than a vibrant Patiala suit. Pick a lively eye-catching color for the Patiala and wear a short and sexy white kurti on top paired with a matching dupatta. Easy to move around in, you could also tie the dupatta around your waist and shoulders to establish the game look. Zipker has a range of unstitched Patiala suits in loads of colors to browse. Pair the dress with Rajasthani styled shoes and you’re good to go.

4. Designer party wear Anarkali suits

  • If you’re one of those women who value their looking like a princess in any given occasion, then choose the party wears Anarkalis Zipker displays. With ideal Holi dresses online, our site includes anything and everything when it comes to beautiful Anarkalis, from embroidered, georgette, and straight-cut Anarkalis to lace, net and zari embroidered Anarkalis. Pick pastel shades of yellow, cream, baby pink or white. Walk around enjoying and enthusing among the colors in the gorgeous dresses available on Zipker.

5. Bollywood designer dress

  • Another stunning Holi outfit idea is wearing a Bollywood designer dress for the occasion. It inspires jollity and frivolity among the crowd and people start noticing you as you friskily shower the Abeer powder on them. Zipker vouchers for each and every product it showcases guaranteeing the lengthiest longevity of the outfits. Buy beautiful Anarkali dresses online from our website as we promise to deliver the fastest and most efficient service right at your doorstep.

6. Go unconventional with a white maxi kurti

  • Zipker proudly presents the most amazing maxi kurtis in white and other pastel colors on materials such as linen cotton. The unfussy outfit invokes a clean and sober look uplifting the purity and innocence of Holi. A little deviating from your traditional Holi clothes, maxi kurtis hold a true potential in gaining favors from the festival fashion. They are easy, comfortable and flowy, naturally symbolizing the essential Holi spirits. Grab your favorite maxi kurti from Zipker to make your occasion the most special.

7. Don’t shy away from accessorizing yourself

  • Many of you out there don’t consider adorning yourselves with stunning necklaces, and bangles worth the festival. Well, Zipker is sure to convince you otherwise. With a collection so flattering and magnificent, it’d be hard to divert eyes from the obvious sparkles and intricate workings on the accessories. Choose your ideal match from sky blue and dark pink pearl TilakPolki earrings, golden white drop stone pendant, golden stick white-thread fancy necklace and lots more. The idea is not to overwhelm your outfit with all the stunning accessories but to accentuate and compliment your already adorned look.

  • Our team at Zipker only works to serve the best interests of our customers and we look forward to assisting you with any problem you face while transaction, product receiving, and product quality. We value a discretion while discussing issues with our customers and strive to work hard to minimize the problems that you could face. Hope this list serves you satisfyingly while you make your mind on wearing the Holi outfit that best matches your style.


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