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  • A beautiful gown and you wearing it is a killer combination if you want eyes to turn at you at that special occasion for which you have been planning.

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  • Zipker gives you an opportunity to make heads turn during a formal event or a wedding by helping you to do party wear gown online shopping from a large collection of some of the finest and most stylish formal wear. Trust Zipker and choose the right kind designer gown often you are seen to be in a dilemma. Gowns are a must have for every woman, whether you are going to a party or for an ethnic program.

  • For ethnic occasions, you could easily choose from our wide range of ethnic gown. Not all types of gowns look good on all body types. That is the reason why there are so many types of party wear gowns to act as a substitute for all kinds of body types whatever it maybe. Our long party wear gowns are created keeping the demands of modern women in mind.

  • We pride ourselves in providing you with the best and exclusive designs that would be hard for you to find anywhere else. Here are some of the gown types that perfectly go and accentuate your figure and your body type.

  • Ball Gowns - This is a timeless piece of gown that has been a close favourite of women for centuries now. From the Elizabethan age to the modern fashionistas, it is one of the most amazing attires that would sure make you look regal and exquisite. You do not have to worry about eyes turning towards you. You surely would if you wear that as an evening gown to your office party or maybe something far more royal and exquisite. With a fitted bodice, floor touching skirt and ideal for all kinds of body type. But if your body shape is a little bit petite you may want to look for something less voluminous from our selections.

    Mermaid Gowns - It is very trendy and is a hit among fashion designers as well. It is fitted till the knee and then it flows like a skirt giving it a regal yet modern contemporary look. It is a long gown and with a low cut back it shows all the curves of your body and hips. We have a huge collection of it and in various colours. From pastel to much deeper shades. It is perfect for women who have an hourglass figure and is not afraid when it comes to showing her curves. You could buy them from us as party wear gown online shopping and wear them at various galas and engagement parties.

    Empire Waist Gowns - These types of gowns for girls give you a royal look and with a high waistline and a flowing trail, it is perfect for all kinds of women. They are trendy and completely hide your tummy and are great for pear-shaped women. If you want to enhance your shape and try something different which is as delicate as this one, then we have a huge haul for you to choose from.

    A-Line Gowns - If you do not like over the top and you are a great fan of simple and elegant looking gowns, then this is the perfect choice for you. It has a fitted bodice and flows to the ground in the shape of an A and thus the name.

    Line Gowns - Modified version of the A-line gown, this is a simple choice for you and would look great on any kind of women. The curve-hugging bodice could be too much for a pear-shaped body if you feel like you are not confident enough in wearing it. But if you are confident and have toned body then what are you waiting for? Go and turn some eyes and flatter yourself with all the attention.

    Sheath Gowns - This type of gowns are mainly made for the woman who has a straight silhouette because the whole gown has no flair and it only goes down in a straight way. If you have a petite or an hourglass figure you should definitely give this gown a try. This long gown dress can rock your confidence to a different level if you are ready enough.

    Therefore now you get an idea as to what kind of gown would go with your figure. But never forget that confidence is the ultimate thing and not what you are wearing. You can rock anything whatever you wear. When you are with us do not worry about the cloth quality. We only provide you with the best so that you do not have to compromise with your style.

  • At Zipker, we provide dresses that are a blend of contemporary and traditional so that you may select the one that embosses the feminine side of you, while still making you feel comfortable. Pair the long gown with perfect heels, clutch, and earrings to create a stunning look. For exclusive designs you can browse our anarkali gowns collection. If you have any questions regarding a particular product or need information on our price and policies, send an e-mail to


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Indulge in the Exclusivity of Long Evening Gowns at Zipker

  • Designers are not just creators of numerous garments, instead, they consider customer requirement, understand colors and fabrics, and design beautiful pieces that are worth investing in. At, we understand fashion and provide some of the finest designer gowns created by a who of the fashion industry.

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  • Evening gowns always require a little extra allure so that they can bring forward your charisma and make you the talk of the event. At, we make sure to provide beautiful gowns that not just look stunning but provide a flawless comfort so that you can wear it as beautifully as you wear your confidence.

  • Our long party wear gowns are suitable to wear during weddings, engagements, corporate events, night outs, and gala events. From casual gowns to heavy bridal evening wear, we have a large collection of some of the finest pieces available in the market.

  • The talented team at Zipker selects every piece after thoroughly checking its quality and color so that our customers get the finest pieces available. Browse our website to find a perfect fit according to your need, occasion, style, and color choice.

  • is known for its quality customer service, trending attires, exclusive party wear evening gowns, latest designer saree collection and everything fashionable. Regardless of whether you are looking for traditional gowns, contemporary gowns, or a piece that has a blend of both, we have a large collection of some of the finest designer garments available at competitive prices to help you balance both fashion and finances.

  • Contact our customer care providers in case of query or if you are looking for a particular product, design, or color. Unable to find exactly what you are looking to buy or have a question or a query regarding a product? Send us an e-mail to and our team of professionals will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. Select a fine piece from our collection today to add glamour to the event you are planning to attend.

  • The major cause behind our business improvement is that we follow fully secured payment methods, express delivery process and a hassle-free return policy.


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