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A saree is as elegant as an outfit can be; however, the moment you pair it up with readymade designer blouses, the overall attire becomes exceptional. At, we help you create a look that is one of a kind.

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Whether you have an old saree that you would like to match with a new stylish blouse, or planning to pair a fancy saree with different types of blouses, we can help you get the one that fits your needs and size.

From colors to patters, you are sure to find a large variety of stylish blouse designs on our website. The assortment of saree blouses online at includes frills, deep neck, full sleeves, and embroidery, among other designs. All the designer blouses on our website are designed by skilled designers who like to experiment with various patterns, colors, designs, prints, floral arts and much more.

To create an exceptional look, do not hesitate to mix and match various colors and patterns. Our website also allows you to find a wide range of stylish wedding blouses worn by Bollywood celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, and others. Browse our website to find an online blouse that perfectly matches your saree.



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Online Designer Wedding Blouse Shopping Has Never Been This Easy!

  • With the evolving fashion trends every year, each attire is gaining versatility. Similarly, what started as a mandatory pair of a saree evolved into lehenga and singular tops. Had our grandmothers thought of such an evolution in the early 20th century? Nevertheless, the evolution has kick started several businesses of eminent companies and we count ourselves as one of them.

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  • Our most revered and prosperous shopping category is that of the designer blouses and people literally drool over the styles as claimed by many customers. Heeding such praises and acclamations, we have improvised Zipker on several aspects such as the price filtering options, different viewing options and several other such filters so that your search for the choicest kinds of products is narrowed. Buy designer blouse online from Zipker from brands like Fabron and Rozyfashion and command the stares of the passersby.

Try our embroidered collection at cheap prices!

  • Made from pure silk fabrics, Rozyfashions embroidered designer blouses are perfect if you are aiming for the western Indian look. Pair the gorgeous colorful blouse designs with solid colored sarees and you are ready for the pre-wedding mehndi occasion.

  • Eye-catching colors like parrot and royal blue are currently ruling the category. Zipker lists their exquisite detailed workings and the sleeve and back designs so that you could see them thoroughly before buying the product. While the full sleeves embroidered blouses spark up a formal celebration, the short-sleeved fit-neck blouses could be worn casually or for official purposes.

  • Zipker lets you fix the price range with the price filter search so that while looking for the designer readymade blouses to buy online, you get to browse from only those that are affordable. However, rest assured about the pricing of the blouses, as our team focuses more on the lucrative deals and offers rather than overcharging our customers.

We have unstitched designer materials as well

  • In case you are one of those women who like having their blouses tailored individually, look no further as we have exactly what you need. With the latest digital prints on blouses, it could be hard to divert your eyes. We offer 100% authentic fabric material with amazing service from Zipker to refrain you from making complaints.

  • Unlike the readymade blouses, the unstitched blouse materials have the luxury to be designed in literally any fashion you fancy that could be worn either with a long skirt, midi, lehenga, saree or with all of them.

We entertain blouses for all purposes

  • If you are thinking the internet is devoid of online websites displaying lehenga and long skirt blouses, then recheck your shopping preferences. With Zipker, there is hardly anything that is left out and we have included blouses of all kinds from contemporary designs to traditional dori works. Readymade blouses are available on our website with different sizes; hence, you would not face any issue regarding their fittings. Nonetheless, if there is any such circumstance, simply follow our return/refund policy to solve it.

Among the latest designer work on blouses, we have:

  • Short Sleeved Floral Prints

  • Dori and Sequin Embroideries

  • Raw Silk With Embroideries

  • Mirror and Cotton Thread Work

  • Cutwork With Embroideries

  • Ornament Embellishments

  • Sequin Embellishments

  • A versatile Indian attire could light up any occasion

    • Whoever said that blouses are nothing without sarees? Saree blouses are what gives the attire meaning, without the blouse, the saree cannot be worn whereas the blouse could go and pair up with literally any bottom! From the flowy palazzos to the floor-length long skirts, lehenga blouse designs, designer blouses can rev up a simple look like no other garment.

    • Zipker acknowledges the adaptability of such blouses, henceforth; we are adding more latest and contemporary fashion statements, which could glam up your blouse looks. Pair a velvet sleeveless blouse with an embroidered or digitally printed long skirt available at our website and light up the dinner party you have been invited to.

    • If you are still unimpressed by the attire’s modifiability then try pairing a long sleeve satin blouse with parallel pants and be the most stylish employee of the week. If we sit around to talk about the multifaceted benefits of having a designer blouse, the talks would never cease. Hence, why not check them out for yourselves on our website? We have all of them as listed above from the traditional saree blouses to the modern top-blouses, everything you need to see regarding the availability of blouses could be seen on our website.

    Zipker offers affordable prices and excellent service

    • The brands and manufacturers whose products we display are professionals and have years of good reputation, hence, there is no scope for you to fret about the quality of the material. Moreover, Zipker’s fast and same day dispatch-delivery service is the smoothest you could have hoped for, bringing the product right at your doorstep.

    • We show you the original price vs. the discounted price so that you form a lucid idea of what offers we bring you. Have faith in our service and let us serve you as we have served our previous customers.


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