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  • Suits are never out of fashion and they are still worn by many women but in an improvised manner. When it comes to traditional wear, the elegant, the better! This is what designer Pakistani suits are known to portray. The style, cut, and design of these suits are not just comfortable, but make them wearable for different occasions.

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  • You may wear these suits during winter, summer, and hot and humid months as well. Apart from that, Pakistani salwar kameez are suitable for festivals, weddings, engagements, parties, and even work.

  • Start shopping for a suitable suit for you at and select a perfect attire from our exquisite and original collection of gorgeous salwar kameez in numerous designs and colors. It is our pleasure to help you find a suitable ethnic attire and bring it to your doorstep. Enjoy stylish freedom of choosing from a large variety of designer Pakistani suits and Indian dresses for wedding.

  • has latest trends that play as a significant source of trends and fashion. Our online shopping facility helps you find an exclusive piece, designed keeping a unique style like yours in mind. Browse our website to select Pakistani dresses with price from our latest collection of party wear suits. Have a question regarding online shopping? Send an e-mail to [email protected]



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Pick a Salwar Kameez for Any Occasion on Zipker

  • When it comes to selecting an attire that is a perfect amalgamation of formal, comfortable, and casual, salwar kameez seems like a perfect fit. Suitable for all body types and women of all ages, there are hundreds of styles and cuts available that are sure to make you look stunning.

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  • helps you find a perfect piece tailored to meet your needs for both formal and casual events. Our salwar kameez is known to have a large variety such as Anarkali style, patiala suits, straight suits, palazzo suits, and short kurti, among others. Apart from styling, you are sure to find a variety of fabrics such as cotton, georgette, velvet, silk, jacquard, wool, and polyester. Select a color that helps you flaunt your best self and make heads turn.

Tips to buy the best Pakistani Salwar Kameez

1. Fashion sense

  • A Pakistani Salwar Kameez is so stylish and elegant and it recognises the importance of fashion. The Pakistani salwar suits are designed in such a way that it matches the ever-changing fashion world. Be fashionable always and when you plan to buy Pakistani suits online make sure you explore the latest designs. This allows you to get new designs. We have a whole lot of designs, that too best in the market.

2. Quality

  • Generally, the quality of Pakistani dresses is good and it all depends on the fabric. Always try to choose the fabric that is comfortable and long-lasting. The clothing includes cotton, linen, chiffon, silk etc. Among the Pakistani salwar suits, you have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Keep a tab on the artistic quality or the workmanship because it also matters a lot to the quality.

3. Usage

  • Salwar Kameez has various uses. Based on the occasion, you should select the garment. There are several designs. One is for formal and another is for non-formal use. If you are looking for unique and interesting designs, then they can opt for Salwar Kameez bridal designs. Other designs include casual outing, travel wear, evening wear etc to name a few.

4. Design is important

  • Your personality is very much connected to the design. Choose Pakistani salwar suits in such a way that it fits well with your persona. There are several designs to choose from in Pakistani dresses. They include embroidery, weaving, and printing decorations. Then there are a few that are plain with minimum decorations. There are also differences in Salwar style as well. Some are baggy and skinny, while others are straight and fitting. Tops also have different styles. Depending on people's taste, there are full length, collar neck, high neck kameez. Be it long sleeves or no sleeves, we at Zipker provide a Pakistani salwar kameez for all.

5. Cost-effective

  • Zipker provides salwar kameez that are easy on the topic. Most of the Pakistani Salwar suits are affordable. The prices differ as per fabric, design, trend and the usage. The more complicated the design is the costlier the garment will be. We provide products of all types and hence is easy on the pockets. Though there are expensive designs available, we provide great deals with awesome discounts.

6. Know your body type

  • Pakistani salwar kameez is available in different styles. The biggest advantage is that women with different body type will look good in this. Before buying one, you should stand in front of the mirror and understand your body type. Then only you should go and check the options.

7. Measurement & stitching

  • Before buying Pakistani salwar suits online, you should have a clear idea. Unlike stores or malls, you can't check it. Always try to get the help relatives or family members to understand the measurement. You should also understand there are several kinds of salwar kameez available like semi stitched, unstitched and fully stitched. Depending on your shape and size you can choose among stitched and semi stitched ones. If you have doubts about your measurements, then opt for unstitched and half stitched dresses. We, provide all kinds of Pakistani salwar suits online and you can choose from a plethora of options.

  • Pick from our exclusive range of new anarkali salwar kameez for occasions such as weddings and engagements. Apart from various Indian styles, we also provide exclusive Pakistani style suits to enhance your choices. Search our website and browse through the section to find a gracious attire for your upcoming occasion.

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  • Have questions or unable to find what you are looking to buy? Contact our customer service providers by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


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