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Anarkali Dresses: Invest in the Blend of Royalty, Ethnicity, And Class

  • Anarkali suit consists of an embroidered frock style kurta with tight fitted bottoms and a dupatta, mostly semi transparent, which imparts glitz and dazzle as it is often embedded with stones. Gorgeously woven to enhance the feminine beauty, the Anarkali suit is a must have in every wardrobe. Team up the dress with classy embellished jewelry to look like a diva.

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  • Ever wondered how movie stars look stunning and comfortable at the same time during ethnic events? Are you looking for a stylish ethnic attire that makes you look like royalty? If the answer to the above-mentioned question is a yes, it is time to invest in anarkali suits. Anarkali style is a variation of the traditional kurta and salwar with a twist. The cut, design, and look of these suits provide a chic look and can be worn at events such as festivals, weddings, engagements, ethnic events, and parties. Apart from a traditional looking suit, you may also find anarkali gown that comes with a long extending circular skirt, which gives an appeal of a anarkali dresses and can be worn during traditional as well as contemporary events.

  • Purchasing Anarkali

    At Zipker, we provide a large range of anarkali style suits available for purchase from the comfort of your home. You may find these in different colors, designs, fabrics, and styles. Our quick customer service, easy returns, and quality products make us the first-choice customers in India and abroad.

  • Why buy anarkali dresses?


    If you are attending an event and are not comfortable wearing a saree, this is a perfect option that will make you look presentable and comfortable at the same time. On the other hand, if you wear sarees often and are looking for a different attire that is equally elegant, get anarkali suits.

  • Different body types

    These suits are designed to suit different body types. Hence, if you are consciously not selecting certain attires because of a certain body type, investing in these suits will prove to be a beneficial option for you both financially and emotionally.

  • Regal Appeal

    Anarkali gown and anarkali suits will provide you a regal appeal without burning a hole in your pocket. Another significant factor is that these suits never go out of fashion and are worn by women for ages, which makes it an investment for the future.

  • Work

    Anarkali suits come in different styles and you may select from zari, print, lace, net, and other work on it. This helps you select one for every occasion and still look different at the same time.

  • Intrigued? Contact Us!

    Zipker provides everything from anarkali gown to latest designer suits, and accessories. Let us know if you are looking for a particular product or have any questions. Contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


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Experience the Grandiose Style of Regal Looking Anarkali Gowns for Women

  • Anarkali suits are one of the best traditional suits that complement the look and body shape of every Indian woman. From generations, it has evolved to be the unsurpassed attire in all occasions and ceremonies. In the recent times, many fusion work and redesigning of the anarkali suit patterns are sold by the designer houses and labelled brands. There are all sorts of anarkali suits that go well with every type of body structure of women.

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  • makes it easy for our customers to experience the ethnic style and grandiose that Anarkali suits bring to your entire look. We make sure that you get exactly the kind of style you are looking to buy as well as provide something unique to help you pick something different for your wardrobe. Considering the popularity of Anarkali suits, our designers have created some of the best and most stylish designs so that our customers dress to make heads turn. Anarkali suits for women are a variation of the regular salwar and kurta that is commonly worn in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Nepal, among others.

Why Invest in Long Anarkali Suits?

  • The entire outfit includes an Indian kurti that hugs the body from the top and flows as an extending circular skirt in the bottom, a salwar or a legging, and sometimes a dupatta. All three of these are often paired together to create a complete look. The best part about these suits is that they make you look royal because they date way back to the Mughal era and create a royal look, regardless of the type you have selected. The rise of these suits has tempted designers to experiment with the style and overall look so that you can get something new and remarkable. At Zipker, our team ensures that we have a collection of the basic as well as new styles so that our customers can get the best of both.

Formal and Casual

  • The best feature about this is attire is the variety. You may find an incredible party wear anarkali dresses as well as casual office going suits, wedding attire, a unique style to be worn during festivals, and a simple kurta to wear at home. Zipker understands the different demands of our customers and provides the best of both worlds to you. Another benefit of investing in these suits is the comfort factor that they offer. Anarkali’s are one of the few clothing items that can be heavy, long, styled like a gown, or come in knee length without adding the additional discomfort to the wearer. No matter how heavy your suit is, you are sure to feel comfortable in the attire and look elegant and royal at the same time.

Majestic Appeal

  • Apart from providing comfort, nothing beats the incredible regal look of Anarkali suits for women. In fact, the elegance and the royal touch that these suits can provide are difficult to get even when you are wearing a saree, a ghagra choli, or any other Indian ethnic attire. No matter what the occasion is and what the weather conditions are, Zipker can help you find a perfect piece that is suitable for your style, weather, and occasion. We also provide luxury clutches and other accessories to go with the suit so that you may create the entire look.

    Celebrity Favorite

    • Looking for a style that was worn by your favorite celebrity? Has a popular style in mind that you might have seen in the market, on a movie star, or a model? At Zipker, you will find every style that you are looking to buy and more. We understand celebrity fan following and the fact that a lot of our customers like to wear a similar suit or a design worn by their favorite movie star. Considering that Anarkali suits are a favorite of numerous celebs, we have included some of the popular designs worn by your favorite celebrities so that you can get exactly what you desire when it comes to shopping for an Anarkali.

    Purchase Long Anarkali Suits

    • No matter whether you are planning to purchase Anarkali suits online, or looking for other ethnic attire, we can help you get exactly what you are looking to buy and more. Apart from long Anarkali suits, we also deal in sarees, other types of salwar kameez, and accessories to create an entire look. Our store is known for our huge collection and has a reputation of being one of the best eMarketplace in the country. Apart from selling quality clothes, we also provide ultimate and quick customer service to make your shopping experience smooth. Our prices are affordable and often coupled together with occasional sales, discounts, and various offers to help you get some monetary benefits.

    Shop from Us!

    • No matter what your style statement is, Zipker can help you get a latest long anarkali dresses that will help you create an overall look and appeal of your choice. We are known among our customers to provide incredible service. Choose us to enjoy the perks of being our customer and getting value for your money. If you have any questions, queries, and concerns, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


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